Speculative Fiction In COLOR

If any paranormal, fantasy, or science fiction authors with characters of color want to be added to this list, please send me an email at mandalyncapelle [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Shirin Dubbin
Chaos Tryst
Main Character: Ariana Golde
Heritage: Japanese and West African

Other Books:
Keeper of the Way
Main Character: NiaMora
Heritage:  Unknown

C.E. Murphy
The Negotiator Trilogy
Main Character: Margrit Knight
Heritage:  African American

Heart of Stone

Marta Acosta
Casa Dracula Series
Main Character: Milagro de Los Santos
Heritage: Hispanic

Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
Midnight Brunch
Bride of Casa Dracula
Haunted Honeymoon

Faith Hunter
Jane Yellowrock Series:
Main Character: Jane Yellowrock
Heritage:  Native American


N.K. Jemisin
The Inheritance Trilogy
Main Character: Varied
Heritage: Multicultural/Dark skinned

The Hundred Thousand Kingdom

Tananarive Due
African Immortals Series:
Main Character: Varied
Heritage:  African

My Soul To Keep by Tananarive Due

Octavia Butler
Main Characters:  Varied
Heritage:  African American


Cidney Swanson
Ripple Series
Main Character: Samantha Ruiz
Heritage:  Hispanic/Biracial
Books:  Rippler / Chameleon

Vanessa Brooks and Nancy Brauer

Strange Little Band
Main Character: Addison Harris
Heritage: African